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Subscribe to our MICRO DELIVERY LIST and get fresh micros delivered to your door!

Our subscribers are some of our most valuable customers, see why you should subscribe to our weekly micro box below!

Why subscribe?


We offer a weekly microgreen subscription so that you never miss out on our healthy greens! Our subscription program is entirely customizable. You get to choose how much and what kind of micros you get. Need to skip a week? That's fine! Want to change up your order and get different micros each week? We can make that work. We have 12 different varieties of microgreens and 6 custom blends to choose from for your subscription. By ordering our micros ahead of time, you are guaranteeing us sales! As a small business each sale make a big difference, so we celebrate every sale we make! 

Let's customize!

How to subscribe

Thank you for signing up!

1 / Sign up for our DELIVERY LIST!

Fill out the form to the left to sign up for our Micro Subscription List! We'll contact you each week to let you know what we have available and you can place your order right then and there!

2 / Let us know your preferences!

When you sign up for our subscription list let us know if you have any favorite or least favorite micros. Check out the 'buy microgreens' page to see what micros we offer and if there are any that you know you won't want!

3 / Enjoy fresh micros each week!

Sign up once, and get micros each week! We'll contact you as often as you'd like to get micros! Could be each week, every other week, or even once a month. It is totally up to you!

Check out what micros we have to offer!

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