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Get fresh produce delivered weekly!

Sign up for our weekly produce boxes and support local farming!

What is a CSA

CSA stands for 'community supported agriculture.' Farmers pre-sell shares of their upcoming harvest to community members who are interested in supporting the farm in exchange for fresh produce. Typically, CSA shares are paid for in advance. The money from the CSA shares goes towards purchasing seeds, soil amendments, packaging, and anything else needed for the upcoming growing season. We consider CSA's a win-win situation! The farmer gets some income early on to jump start their season, as well as guaranteed sales, and the customer is guaranteed weekly fresh produce at a reduced price!


You get first pick!

We consider our CSA members our number 1 customers. Our CSA boxes get packed with our highest quality produce. And if we have extra produce for the week, our CSA members get first pick of it before we take it to the market!

By purchasing a share, you are not only buying weekly produce boxes, you are also investing in our farm. With this investment, you are guaranteed a share of our harvest each week. Some weeks might have a bumper harvest, and you might get extra produce. However, there also may be some weeks where we have bad weather, or pest and disease issues and our harvest might be light. We will always communicate if that happens, and we will work with you to add other products (microgreens, pickles, etc.) whenever seasonal produce is light

You're not just buying produce, you're buying a share in our farm

Find out before you buy!

Is CSA right for you?

Being a member of a CSA program is very different than just shopping at the farmers market. The reward for being a CSA member is high, but it does comes with risks that not everyone wants to take. 

All this to say, CSA programs aren't for everyone! And that's okay. We would rather our customers find out our CSA isn't a good fit BEFORE they purchase a share. It creates less stress for us, and our customers. 

If you're thinking about purchasing one of our CSA shares, take 5 minutes to read the lists below and ask yourself  'is a CSA program right for me?' before you purchase!

If you read this whole page, and still aren't sure if our CSA is right for you reach out to us! We would be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

CSA is a good fit for you if...

  • Having a relationship with your farmer is important to you! Forming relationships with our customers is important to us too!

  • You want to support the farm for the whole season, even during times when our harvests are low because of Mother Nature (storms, pests, disease)

  • Knowing where your food comes from is important to you. You can come see where your food is grown with our CSA!

  • You want to trade in the convenience of grocery store veggies for the taste and quality of all natural, locally grown produce! Our produce may be a bit pricier, but it's worth it.

  • You are willing to try new foods. Our CSA boxes might have things you've never heard of!

  • You are flexible when it comes to meal planning. You won't know exactly what's coming in your box until a few days before delivery.

  • You like to be creative with your cooking. You'll be getting a lot of veggies with your CSA, perfect for people who like to try new ways to prepare things!

  • Forming a relationship with your farmer isn't important. It's okay if it's not, but in that case CSA might not be a good fit for you

  • You are looking for a deal. CSA prices are not going to compare to grocery store prices.

  • You want our CSA program to replace your grocery store trips. Our boxes are intended to supplement your grocery list, not replace it.

  • You eat out a lot. If you eat take out more than home cooked meals, you might struggle to make use of the weekly boxes.

  • You aren't prepared to deal with the risks that come with CSA. If it would upset you to get a smaller than normal box one week because we had a bad storm, then CSA probably isn't right for you.   

  • Where your food comes from and how it's grown isn't a priority for you. 

  • Convenience and control is top priority for you. With CSA you have little to no control over what you get in your box each week.

  • You and/or your family are picky when it comes to trying new foods. There might be items in your boxes that you have never seen before, we don't want them to go to waste.

  • You like plan ahead for meals. You won't know exactly what's in your box until a few days before we deliver it. If you like to plan out your meals, this might not work for you. 

If you've decided that our CSA program IS a good fit for you, purchase a share for the upcoming season below!

CSA is NOT a good fit for you if...

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